Office Atrium

Commercial Improvement

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Area: 34,159 SQ-FT

Completed: Estimated Completion Q4 2024

The atrium improvement project looks to turn a cold, uninviting open air atrium space into a lively and bright plaza in which landscape, art and increased circulation provide a space for congregation and activity. By stripping back the existing stucco walls and ribbon windows, the project is able to “open up” with the addition of new second and third floor balconies that are carved out of the existing building form creating private tenant space and increasing light and air in the central courtyard. New pedestrian bridges connect the front and rear of the floorplate along the atrium allowing for greater engagement with the sculpture and the opportunity for either single or two-tenant leasing.

Landscape Design HMH Landscape Architecture

Art Work Design Gordon Huether Studio

Renders Shimahara Visual